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Designer Morphs
The Designer Morphs series of books are written for both private reptile keepers and professional herpetologists.

" In my opinion the best ball python and boa book ever written! It’s a must have for anyone that is even thinking about breeding those two species."

Brian Barczyk - BHB & SnakeBytes.tv
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New Designer Morphs – Ball pythons (3rd edition)
Following on from the success of the previous Designer Morphs books. This new edition of the worlds best selling morph guide will be the most complete and accurate guide to genetics, morphs and mutations of Ball Pythons (Python regius). Totally rewritten, this is an invaluable resource for all Ball python keepers and breeders. Coming late 2013.

To get on the waiting list and to be informed once the book is printed, email to: waitinglist@bigreptileworld.com

cover of Designer Morphs  1 Cover of Designer-Morphs, Volume one (second edition): Ball Pythons & Boa Constrictors
Designer Morphs:
The complete guide to medium sized python and boa morphs

(1st edition), 2006

sold out/out of print
Designer Morphs:
Ball Pythons & Boa constrictors

A guide to mutations and variations
(2nd edition), 2010

sold out/out of print
Designer Morphs:
Western Hognose Snakes

a complete guide to care, breeding, morphs and mutations, 2012
"Wanted to let you know that I received my copy of Designer Morphs: Western Hognose Snakes yesterday.
All I can say is WOW!

The production quality is high, the photos are excellent and, perhaps most importantly, the depth of information is outstanding! This is the Hognose book I've been dreaming of! I'm certainly glad Mr. Berry took the time to sign my book as it completes the whole package rather nicely. Kudos on a job well done! "

Charles C
" Got a copy of John Berrys Designer Morphs - Ball python book for Christmas, its better than my X-box !!"
James P

" What can I say about Designer Morphs, its the best book ever written for snake keepers ! Its like a cook book for making morphs."
Ellie G
Future Designer Morphs titles
Several new books are currently in production. To be kept informed, follow us on Twitter or Facebook and sign up for our newsletter.
Submit photos or information:
If you would like to submit photos to be considered for inclusion in a future edition of Designer Morphs please adhere to the following:
bullet point graphic Do not submit photos of reptiles that you either do not own or don’t have permission to submit. (All photos are credited to both the snake owner and the photographer who retains the copyright to their photos)
bullet point graphic Photos should be on a clear background with no watermarks or logos
bullet point graphic Photos can be emailed at jpegs. They should be at least 1.0 mb or larger
bullet point graphic Do not try and over photoshop or correct images or crop them too much. (we need a border around the snake and will crop it to the size we need).
bullet point graphic Please title the image with the name of the morph, it makes it easier to sort through images later on, thanks.
bullet point graphic If this is a new mutation, please include a brief description and any relevant information.
bullet point graphic Email images to alphapython100@yahoo.com